RapiThix™ Rheology Modifiers

These rheology modifiers are especially designed for use in cold-mix processes. They are easy to use, shear-tolerant, shear-thinning and effective at low use levels. The performance characteristics and benefits of the polymers allow formulators to develop a range of efficacious and appealing personal care products.

Si-Tec™ Silicones

These silicones can enhance the performance of hair, skin, antiperspirant/deodorant, and color cosmetic formulations.

Sodium Stearate

Produced from vegetable-sourced fatty acids and therefore imparts low odor, it provides great wetting, thickening, emulsifying and opacification for personal care products. Also, it can be used as a gelling agent in gel sticks.

Style Fusion™ Polyelectrolyte Polymers

Style Fusion™ products are polyelectrolyte complexes (PECs) formed from a combination of polymeric species. Scientists at Ashland design these complexes in such a way that they link to a particular set of style and care benefits.

Styleze™ Copolymers

These film-forming polymers are used in various hair care applications for their firm hold, conditioning, thermal protection, and longetivity properties.

Sunett® Acesulfame K

This high-intensity sweetener is 200 times sweeter than sugar and, unlike some other sweeteners, it has fast onset of sweetness, no lingering aftertaste, and excellent blending characteristics. It has high solubility and stability in a wide variety of processing and storage conditions and is available in pharmaceutical grade upon request.

Document: Change of Milling Contractor - Sunett® Grade D

Suttocide™ A Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate

This 50% aqueous solution of sodium hydroxymethylglycinate is a clear alkaline liquid with a mild characteristic odor. It is cost-effective and provides broad spectrum protection against gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, yeast and mold. It is suggested for use in shampoos and other hair care products, liquid and bar soaps, and baby wipes. It can be used to neutralize anionic thickening polymers, such as carbomer, Suttocide™ and acrylates.

TASTEVA™ Stevia Sweetener

This great-tasting, zero-calorie sweetener suitable for sugar-free, no-sugar-added and reduced-sugar food and beverages allows 50% or greater sugar reduction levels without the bitter or liquorice aftertaste often associated with other high-purity, stevia-based sweeteners.

Trolamine NF

Used to adjust pH or affect an inherent physical property, trolamine is designed to meet the National Formulary grade requirements. It functions as a viscosity builder, foaming agent, and pH adjuster in a variety of topical analgesics, prescription products and personal care applications.

UltraThix™ Rheology Modifiers

UltraThix™ P-100 is a multi-benefit, patented rheology modifier that delivers an array of benefits such as shear-thinning rheological properties with yield value and positive sensory perception. At a use level of only 1%, this lightly cross-linked copolymer of vinyl pyrrolidone and acrylic acid effectively provides enhanced styling benefits including high high humidity curl retention, allowing for the formulation of cost-effective styling gels. Additionally, in skin care formulas, it offers emulsion stabilization, reduces tack and improves aesthetics of hydroalcoholic sprays, and enhances skin feel properties.

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