VERSENE™ NA  is a food-grade chelating that meets the requirements of the Food Chemicals Codex & USP. Versene NA chelating agent is a disodium EDTA salt, and can be used in Pharmaceutical, Food, and Personal Care applications.

Article: Versene™ Limits Guide

Vincience™ Actives

These biofunctional ingredients for the prestige skin care market include peptides, botanical ingredients and biotechnologies.

X-Tend™ Phenethyl Benzoate

X-Tend™ 226 is a proprietary polar ester with high solubilizing capacity for Oxybenzone and Avobenzone. It also can boost the critical wavelength and UVA/UVB ratio of Avobenzone. The ester of 2-phenylethyl alcohol and benzoic acid, it is a colorless to light yellow liquid with a faint scent of roses. It is internationally approved for a wide range of personal care applications.

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