Aqualon™ Carboxymethylcellulose

This carboxymethylcellulose thickens aqueous systems and is used in personal care products for water binding, syneresis control, and its ability to suspend pigments and active ingredients in solution. In skin care applications, it provides adhesion for quick tack and hold as well as lubricious aesthetics.

Aqualon™ Ethylcellulose

Typically, ethylcellulose is used as a non-swellable, insoluble component in matrix or coating systems, but Aqualon ethylcellulose (EC) is soluble in a wide range of organic solvents and can be used to coat one or more active ingredients of a tablet to prevent them from reacting with other materials or with one another. It can prevent discoloration of easily oxidizable substances such as ascorbic acid, allowing granulations for easily compressed tablets and other dosage forms.


Made from the building blocks of protein, this low-calorie sweetener is approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar, which can provide food and drink manufacturers significant cost savings in formulations compared to sugar. It has excellent performance in blends with sugar and other sweeteners and flavors.

DOWCAL™ Propylene Glycol Thermal Fluids

DOWCAL™ Propylene Glycol Thermal Fluids are often used in demanding applications, such as fermentation cooling, immersion freezing, HVAC, renewable energy, and food and pharmaceutical applications, where propylene glycol solutions are preferred or even required.

DOWTHERM™ Synthetic Thermal Fluids

DOWTHERM™ heat transfer fluids offer exceptional thermal stability to meet operating requirements for highly technical and demanding applications such as oil and gas processing, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical reactions.

Article: Compare DowTherm® to other Thermal Fluids

Glypure™ glycolic acid for personal use

Glypure™ high-purity cosmetic-grade glycolic acid is one of the most popular ingredients for anti-aging and skin peeling products with strong consumer recognition. Recently, it has also been proven to provide unique advantages in hair care and scalp care products with the demonstrated ability to penetrate the hair shaft, causing significant benefits to hair moisturization, softness, strength and manageability for both healthy and chemically treated hair.

Glypure™ is Available in Three Grades:

  • Glypure™ glycolic acid 70 is a purified liquid form of glycolic acid. It is an aqueous solution at 70% concentration.
  • Glypure™ glycolic acid 99 is a highly purified crystalline form of glycolic acid for applications where avoidance of water is necessary. It is constituted as small, prismatic crystals of 99+% purity.
  • Pre-neutralized Glypure™ glycolic acid is an aqueous solution neutralized with ammonium hydroxide.
When it comes to cosmetic-grade glycolic acid, Glypure™ sets the standard:
  • Exceptional purity levels for personal care products
  • Clear, colorless appearance
  • Reliable, consistent supply from a dedicated production line
  • Odorless
  • Compatibility with other compounds and ingredients
  • Biodegradability
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This powdered lubricant is most often used in metal and pharmaceutical applications. As a fuzed zinc stearate, it is often the most cost effective option.

Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium stearate is used a tableting lubricant for vitamins and medicinal pills. For personal care items, it can also provide pearlescence. Also, certain grades can be used for ABS and SAN lubricants and release agents.

Marinol® Omega-3 Triglycerides

This natural omega-3 fish (Marinol®) comes in a variety of grades.  Primary differences are concentration of EPA/DHA and form, whether oil or capsules.

Natrosol™ Cellulose Ethers

This nonionic, water-soluble polymer is used to create products that are rich and thick from the container, but spread easily on hair and skin. Natrosol™ HEC is easily dissolved in cold or hot water to give crystal clear solutions of varying viscosities. Low to medium molecular weight (MW) types are fully soluble in glycerol and have good solubility in hydro-alcoholic systems containing up to 60 percent ethanol.

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