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Core Silicone 94205

Two component platinum cured 22A durometer silicone rubber for molding.


50lb Box



Product Overview

Tufel 94205 is a two component 22A platinum cured silicone compound used for molding. It has low volatility with a broad processing window and can be blended with other Tufel compounds to intermediate durometers. Tufel 94205 complies with 21 CFR 177.2600 and meets the requirements of USP Class VI testing. It is supplied with the base (99 parts) and the curing agent CA-5 (1 part) in a single container.

Product Specifications

Specific gravity: 1.07
Appearance: Translucent
Polymer classification: VMQ
Minimum viscosity: 3.8-6.0
T1, minutes: 0.30-0.45
7 min. torque (lb/in.): 19-29
Primary Chemistry: 22A durometer VMQ silicone rubber

Features & Benefits

High tear strength
Significant reduction in molding time
Tight Surface Cure
Superior mixed shelf life
Peroxide free
Non blooming


Fabricated molding
Deep section cures
Parts with low extractable requirements

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