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Liquid Silicone Rubber LSR 4060

Two component 60A medical grade liquid silicone rubber with high transparency.


88.18lb Pail



Product Overview

Silopren LSR 4060 is a two component liquid silicone rubber used to injection mold low durometer parts. It is transparent, can be easily pigmented and is processed in a 1:1 mix ratio. LSR 4060 is FDA and USP Class VI compliant making it suitable for healthcare applications.

Product Specifications

Density: 1.13 g/cm³
Shore A hardness: 60
Tensile strength, N/mm²: 10
Elongation at break, %: 450
Tear strength, N/mm: 30
Compression set, (22 h at 175°C), %: 25
Primary Chemistry: Liquid silicone rubber

Features & Benefits

Excellent biocompatibility
Stability to ozone and UV light
Good transparency
High thermal stability
High recovery after puncture
Easily pigmentable


Elastomeric articles
Sealing elements
Ear plugs
Pipette nipples
Vibration dampers
Tube connectors
Medical equipment parts

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