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SS4191A is used in conjunction with SS4191B as a gum solution and crosslinker. Also SS4192C can be used as a catalyst, and SS4259C as an accelerator.




Product Overview

SS4191 is a component system to produce a coating bath. Use proper components for optimal stability when formulating a bath. Reference processing recommendations for suggested formulations as well as blending/mixing instructions. 

Product Specifications

Haze: 30 max.
Appearance: OK
Solids: 28-30%
Solvent: Toluene
Primary Chemistry: Silicone

Features & Benefits

Base component of a solvent-borne coating
Produces premium release coating for silicones
Excellent release properties against toughest adhesives
Defect-free low-coat-weight liners
Easily applied using Mayer rod technique

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