Aristonic® Synthetic Sulfonates


Aristonic® sulfonates are high-purity, oil-soluble sulfonates. They are used as emulsifiers in soluble oils and semi-synthetic metal removal fluids. Products are sold as 60% active in diluent oil. Pilot's Aristonate sulfonates are manufactured specifically as additives for metalworking fluids by sulfonating and neutralizing selected Aristol alkyl aromatics. These products are the leading synthetic sulfonates for metalworking applications, and are also used in industrial lubricants, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, and surfactants. Pilot Chemical Company was founded in 1952, and has now partnered with ChemPoint to offer the full range of Aristonate Synthetic Sulfonates on the market. This partnership will allow easy access and strong technical support for a huge portfolio of solutions that support independent formulators.

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