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Aristonate® L

Low Molecular Weight (400) Synthetic Sodium Sulfonate for use in Industrial Lubricant Formulating




Product Overview

Aristonate L is a 1st intent low molecular weight synthetic sulfonate designed for use in formulating a variety of industrial lubricants. Aristonate L is especially well suited for use in applications requiring a medium viscosity sulfonate to provide corrosion protection, low foam performance, & emulsification.


Emulsification and Dispersion
Aristonate L provides excellent emulsification and corrosion inhibition performance in cutting oils, surface coatings, pigment wetting & spindle oil applications. The product also imparts excellent emulsification characteristics for oil-in-water, water-in-oil and solids-in-oil formulations.

Textile Oils
Aristonate L is the emulsifier of choice for high water based lubricants & specialty oils in the textile industry. Oils formulated with Aristonate L provide excellent lubricity & heat dissipation to metal parts where fibers at high speed create heat & impart wear.

High Water Based Fluids
Aristonate L has an optimum balance between hydrophilic and lipophilic properties for formulating low oil, high water based coolants for machining and grinding coolants and parts cleaners.

Features & Benefits

Excellent consistency from 1st intent proprietary production method. 
Excellent Corrosion Protection
Low Foam Profile
Excellent Emulsification
Good Ancillary Lubricity

Product Specifications

Appearance at 25C: Clear Brown Liquid
Odor: Slight
Active (Wt.%): 60.0 min
Sodium Sulfate (Wt.%): 0.75 max
Water (Wt.%): 5.0 max
% Volatile by Volume: 5.0
Equivalent Weight: 400
pH (10% solution): 10.0
Solubility in Water: Dispersible

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