Liquid D-300 4 Sulfophthalic Acid

Sulfonic Acid that is applied as a catalyst, corrosion inhibitor, chemical intermediate and primary additive in aluminum anodizing process.
Product Overview
This 50% aqueous solution of 4-sulfophthalic acid is the key component of the preferred electrolyte for the production of "hard" anodic oxide coatings for aluminium-based alloys. These highly abrasion resistant coatings come in a number of colors, metallic and brownish gray, black, bronze and gold amking them suitable for achitectural usage.

CAS Number: 89-08-7


1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid, 4-sulfo-
Phthalic acid, 4-sulfo-
4-Sulphophthalic acid
Product Specifications
Appearance @ 25°C: Clear amber liquid
Odor: Odorless
Active Content (Wt. %): 50.0
Sulfuric Acid (Wt. %): 2.25 max
Density (lbs/Gal): 10.8
pH (10% solution): <1.0
Primary Chemistry: Sulfophthalic Acid
Features & Benefits
Anodizing with Pilot D-300 efficiently produces a range of protective and decorative oxide coatings, with moderate voltage and cooling requirements.
Problems Solved
Ineffective Surface Coating & Protection

- Anodizing
- Metal treatment
- Coatings
- Aluminum treatment