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Surtech® Antifoam/Defoaming Agents

Key Applications

Soluble Oils and Semisynthetic Metalworking Fluids; Oil-Based Lubricant Applications; Diesel Fuel; Gear Oils; Metal Cutting Oils; Hydraulic Fluids; Motor Oils; Compressor Oils; Nonaqueous Lubricants; Tankside Defoamer; Alkaline Cleaners; Architectural Coatings; Acrylic, Styrenated Acrylic, and Vinyl Acrylic Emulsion Paints

Product Description

Surtech™ Antifoam/Defoaming Agents are high-performance antifoaming agents that target foam formation in various fluid systems with long-term effectiveness while preventing the formation of sediment, buildup, and gelatinous surface agglomeration that commonly cause clogged filters and blocked lines. These foam-targeting chemical agents contain systems of modified silicones to effectively handle the toughest foaming problems and release foam and entrained air without reacting to water-extendable fluid systems and preventing damage to metal working equipment and motors.

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