BioMarine Grease
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BioMarine Grease

Key Applications

wire ropes; bearings; wenches; cranes; drive shafts; roller joints; chains; any topside lubricant or other lubrication area that is open to the elements

Product Description

The BioMarine Clareguard series includes a world class range of innovative greases, providing all of the performance you would expect from a high quality lubricant with the benefits of an environmentally friendly product. Clareguard is produced using unique grease thickener technology to create incomparable levels of performance and stability. The inherent environmental properties allow the greases to exceed the EPA’s requirements, meaning they are VGP (Vessel General Permit) compliant. Clareguard has proven to reduce breakdowns, increase maintenance intervals and protect the environment. 


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BioMarine EP Designed for high load bearings, and with wide temperature ranges (-40C – 120C) BioMarine EP is a multi-purpose lubricant with an extreme pressure additive. A unique grease thickener is used, allowing EP to meet the stringent regulations put in place by the EPA for environmental safety. EP is grey/black in color and has NLGI 2 thickness. SDS* TDS*
BioMarine MP A multi-purpose lubricant with good thermal oxidative stability. MP is resistant to variation in temperature with ranges from -40C – 120C. The BioMarine MP provides stability across all seasons and climates eliminating the need to change grease grades as conditions change. MP is yellow in color and has NLGI 2 thickness. SDS* TDS*
BioMarine SP A multiple purpose lubricant designed in a sprayable format. SP is easy to spray and has a strong adherence to surfaces with good extreme pressure and anti-wear properties. Parallel to the MP and EP grades, SP is highly biodegradable with low eco-toxicity to the marine environment. SP is yellow/beige in color. SDS* TDS*