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Antioxidant and heat stabilizer for natural and synthetic rubbers, that is non-blooming and has a negligible effect on cure rate.


55.115lb Carton



Product Overview

AMINOX™ is an antioxidant and heat stabilizer for natural and synthetic rubbers like Neoprene. It is easily dispersed and can be added to latex, or directly to solid rubber. AMINOX™ has a negligible effect on cure rate and is non-blooming both before and after cure.

Product Specifications

Appearance: Light tan to green drop
Specific Gravity (@25 °C): 1.16
Melting Point: 85-95 °C
Soluble: Acetone, ethylene
Insoluble: Water, gasoline
Primary Chemistry: Low Temperature Reaction Product of Diphenylamine and acetone

Features & Benefits

Disperses easily
Non-blooming before and after cure
Add in dispersed form to latex or directly to solid rubber
Negligible effect on cure rate
Food contact approvals
Non-dusting (drop form)


Tire carcass, heels, soles, mechanical goods, dipped goods, sundries and wire insulation.

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