BLE™ 25

Liquid form antioxidant and anti-flex cracking agent for use in peroxide cured solid rubbers and latex.
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Product Overview
BLE™ 25 stabilizer is a liquid antioxidant and anti-flex cracking agent designed for neoprene, nitrile rubbers, BR, EPDM, SBR and SBR lattices. This stabilizer can be dispersed and added to latex, or added directly to solid rubber. BLE™ 25 is non-blooming and has negligible effect on cure rate even when used with peroxide curing systems.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Dark brown, viscous liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.09
Soluble: Acetone, benzene, ethylene dichloride
Insoluble: Water, gasoline
Primary Chemistry: High temperature reaction product of diphenylamine and acetone
Features & Benefits
Can be used with peroxide curing systems
Can be added directly to rubber
Can be added in dispersion form to latex
Negligible effect on cure rate
Approved for food contact in rubber articles intended for repeated use (5% loading max)
Liquid form
Problems Solved
Groove and flex cracking in peroxide cured rubbers and latex compounds
Decomposition and degradation of rubbers, elastomers, and latex compounds
FDA clearance for the use of antioxidants and anti-cracking agents in repeated use rubber articles
Neoprene, nitrile rubbers, BR, SBR, and EPDM for tire tread, breaker, chafer, rim flange and carcass compounds.