NAUGARD™ 445 Powder

NAUGARD™ 445 Powder is an amine antioxidant with excellent synergy with phenolic antioxidants and excellent for use in extreme heat and oxygen environments.
Product Overview
NAUGARD™ 445 is an aromatic amine antioxidant and heat stabilizer supplied in powder form and suitable for rubber and plastic applications. It provides excellent protection from peroxide degradation, improved color stability, and low volatility.

NAUGARD™ 445 is also ideal for use in polyurethane and polyol formulations to prevent scorch and degradation during processing, storage, and long-aging.
Product Specifications
Appearance: White powder or granules
Molecular Weight: 406 g/mol
Melting Point: 98-100 °C
Color APHA: 20
Specific Gravity (@55 °C): 1.14
Flash Point: 277 °C
Primary Chemistry: 4,4'-Bis (α , α-dimethylbenzyl) diphenylamine
Features & Benefits
Available in granular and powder form
Protect against extreme heat and oxygen
Synergy with phenolic and phosphite antioxidants
Low volatility and minimal susceptibility to bloom
Low loading levels and minimal effect on cure rate
Low water extractability and inherent resistance to chlorinated water
Low adsorption onto fillers

Problems Solved
Insufficient protection of amine oxidants in extreme temperatures and weathering conditions
Scorch of foams and polyurethane parts during processing
Compatibility and synergy issues of amine antioxidants with phenolic and phosphite antioxidants
High volatility and loading rates of commercially available amine antioxidants
Availability issues and supply delays of specialty amine antioxidants
Natural and synthetic rubber compounds such as NBR, SBR, EAM
Polyolefins and thermoplastic systems Polyurethanes, spandex, and polyol formulations
Flexible, rigid, and integral foams
Elastomeric coatings, latex, and hot-melt adhesives