OPEX™ 80

OPEX™ 80 is an 80% active nitrogen foaming agent. It is ideal for both open and closed cell elastomeric sponge rubber and for use in microcellular soles and molded sponges made of natural, SBR, and neoprene rubbers.
Product Overview
OPEX™ Blowing Agents are highly effective foaming agents that are effective in press pre-cured closed cell applications.

OPEX™ Blowing agents also impart a fine cellular structure in synthetic and natural rubber applications.

The product range can be activated by treated urea, phthalic anhydride, hydrazide foaming agents, mercaptides and peroxides
Product Specifications
Appearance: Light yellow powder
Specific gravity: 1.61
Active content: 80%
Decomposition point: >190°C
Gas yield: 190 cc/gram
Primary Chemistry: Dinitrosopentamethylene tetraamine
Features & Benefits
Excellent for press pre-cured closed cell applications
Provides fine cellular structure
Problems Solved
Compatibility of blowing agents with the rubber compounds including SBR, chloroprene, natural rubber, and EPDM
Insufficient foaming in the manufacturing of natural and synthetic rubbers
Natural and synthetic rubbers