Antiscorch agent for natural and synthetic rubbers designed to greatly improve processing safety with minimal effect on cure rate.
Product Overview
RETARDER ESEN™ is surface treated phthalic anhydride antiscorch agent that can be used with natural and synthetic rubbers and a variety of thermoset polymers. It greatly improves processing safety, with minimal effect on time to reach optimum cure. It is relatively nondiscoloring and nonstaining.
Product Specifications
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Specific Gravity: 1.53
Melting Point: 127-132 °C
Flash Point: 132 °C
Soluble: Alcohol, benzene, ethylene dichloride
Moderately Soluble: Acetone
Insoluble: Gasoline, water
Primary Chemistry: Surface Treated Phthalic Anhydride
Features & Benefits
Relatively non-discoloring but will cause a creaming of white stock during light exposure
Relatively non-staining
Little to no effect on cure rate
Problems Solved
Scorch and premature vulcanization in natural and synthetic rubber systems