Clarinol® G-80 CLA

Clarinol® G-80 CLA is food-grade 80% Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) mainly in triglyceride form. It is made from natural safflower oil and it is used in weight loss supplements and food products.
Product Overview
Clarinol® G-80 CLA is an oil mixture that is high in conjugated linoleic acid isomers clinically shown to help improve body composition, decrease body fat, and increase lean muscle mass. Clarinol® is made from natural safflower oil, through a proprietary process. It is available in liquid and powder forms to accommodate various weight management product formulations. It functions as an energy source, a healthy fat source, and a lubricant.
Product Specifications
Physical Appearance: Oil
Shelf life: 36 months @ 50°F-68°F or 10°C-20°C
c9,t11-CLA + t10,c12-CLA,
Typical Value: 75%
Total CLA, Typical Value: 80%
Certifications: FSSC 22000

Primary Chemistry: Conjugated Linoleic Acid (Triglycerides)
Features & Benefits
100% vegetable ingredient
Improves body composition
Helps shape the body
Reduces body fat
Increases lean body mass
Modifies the metabolic process
Interacts with cell receptors to reduce the amount of fat the body stores
Increases enzyme activity that stimulates the body's breakdown of fats
Reduces the storage of fat
Prevents the filling of fat cells
Prevents the differentiation of fat cells
Increases energy expenditure
Causes fat to be burned at a higher rate
Highest concentration of beneficial active isomers; less is need resulting in lower costs and more storage space
Reduces side effects from a low-calorie diet
Translucent golden color has a more appealing appearance than other CLA oils
The amount to deliver efficacious dosage is 4 grams
Approved by US FDA as GRAS for use in several products
Allergen free
Clarinol® G-80 is ideal for use in dietary supplements and food products for health- and body-conscious consumers.
It can be used in beverages like milk, fruit juices, and yogurt drinks. It can also be incorporated in baked goods like bread, biscuits, and cakes; not to mention a lot of other food products like coffee creamer substitutes, salad dressings, chocolate, snack bars, nutrition bars, cereals, pet food, and so much more.