Taminco DBAE

High purity DBAE (Dibutylaminoethanol) for chemical synthesis and manufacturing processes.
Product Overview
Dibutylaminoethanol (DBAE) is 99% minimum purity of CAS No. [102-81-8] for use in a range of chemical and industrial manufacturing processes. DBAE, specialty amine is also listed in it's chemical formula, (C4H9)2-N-C2H4-OH.
Product Specifications
Form: Liquid
Coefficient of Cubical Expansion/°C: 0.00082
Flash Point, TAG Closed Cup: 195°F
Average Weight Pounds Per Gallon: 7.2
Vapor Pressure @ 20°C, mmHg: 0.1
Specific Gravity @ 20°C: 0.855 - 0.865
Freezing Point: -75°C (glass)
Solubility in Water @ 20°C: 0.4%
Water in DBAE @ 20°C: 6.8%
Molecular Weight: 173.3
Viscosity at 25°C, cp.: 6.5
Boiling Point: 230°C at 741 mmHg
Water Content: 0.3% wt. Max
Color: 100 APHA
Features & Benefits
Liquid form - easy to use
Broad range of applications including as a cross-linking inhibitor, pH controlled viscosity