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Thermogrip® 1731 Fast Set Freezer Grade EVA

Hot Melt EVA-based adhesives are thermoplastic, have minimal surface tack and are solid at room temperatures. When heated, these adhesives liquefy, increasing their surface tack and forming a bond when cooled. They are also flexible and cohesively strong. A variety of additives are added to different grades. Waxes and tackifiers, for example, dial in temperature resistance, wettability and setting speed for a variety of end-use applications.


Product Overview

Bostik's Hot Melts based on Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) polymers are typically tack free and flexible at room temperature. They are supplied in pellet form, that have excellent auto feed properties, while providing superior wet-out and rapid set speed when hot applied.


Case and Carton Sealing
Cold Temperature Resistance to > -40 Degrees F
Freezer Grade
Fast Set

Features & Benefits

Fast set freezer grade case and carton adhesive.

Product Specifications

Temperature Performance Range oF:  40-140
Set Speed: Fast
Viscosity (cP): 1500 @325F
Softening Point: 230
Density @77F: 0.98

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