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UCON™ LB-1145-Y24

ISO 320 Polypropylene glycol monobutyl ether used as a rust-preventive coating.




Product Overview

A rust-preventive fluid used to coat metal parts with a viscosity of 250-285 cSt @ 100 °F


-Compressor oils
-Fire resistant hydraulic fluids
-Gas turbine oils

Features & Benefits

-Outstanding hydrolytic stability
-Able to be mixed with other natural oils, organic solvents, plastizers, resins, or gums
-Excellent load carrying capacity
-Fire resistant
-Good deposit control
-Outstanding hydrolytic stability
-Low to high viscosity ranges
-Low friction coefficients
-High extreme pressure failure loads
-Low pour point temperatures
-Noncorrosive to metals

Product Specifications

Color: colorless to yellow
Odor: Mild
Boiling point (760 mmHg): > 200 °C
Flash point closed cup 201 °C
Vapor Pressure: < 0.01 mmHg at 20 °C
Relative Density (water = 1): 1.000 at 20 °C
Water solubility: < 0.1 % at 20 °C
Pour point: -30 °C

Primary Chemistry: Polypropylene glycol monobutyl ether

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