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Epolene® N-21P Polymer

Identical to Epolene® N-21 but in powder form


50lb Bag



Product Overview

Epolene® N-21 is a PE wax  used in cable filling, printing inks and hot melt adhesive applications

Product Specifications

Polymer Type: PE
Mettler Softening Point: 120C
Penetration Hardness: <1 dmm
Viscosity, Brookfield @125C (257F): 600 cP
Molecular Weight: 6,500
Physical Form: Powder

Features & Benefits

Medium density polyethylene
Higher melt point and hardness imparts improved resistance to solvents and oils
Improved slump resistance in cable filling and flooding
Viscosity modifier in hot melts
Lubricity in printing inks


Wax modification
Wire and Cable

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Epolene® Polymers

Epolene® polymers are medium- to low-molecular-weight polyethylene or polypropylene polymers that provide abrasion, moisture, and grease resistance when used in the plastics industry as PVC lubricants, processing aids, mold release agents, dispersion aids, and coupling agents.

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