Sokalan Acrylic Polymers

Key Applications

defoamers; anti-redeposition aids; dispersant; scale inhibitors;

Product Description

These water-soluble copolymers serve as defoamers, anti-redeposition aids, dispersant, scale inhibitors, and bulk density modification for applications such as laundry detergent, printing ink, ceramics, seawater desalinization, agricultural chemicals, sugar production, and water treatment. Their wide range of chemistries allow for controlled particle size for stability, dust-free handling, compact formulation, accurate metering, quick dissolution, and compact storage.


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Sokalan CP10 DispersantSokalan CP10 is a modified polyacrylic acid polymer fully neutralized as a sodium salt.  It is available as a 45% solids aqueous solution. Sokalan CP 10 is commonly used as a dispersing agent in systems containing active chlorine, as an antiscalant, and a sipersing agent for inorganic solids.SDSTDS