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Improved Detergencey With Sokalan®

Sokalan® Acrylic Polymers from BASF offer a selection of liquid and granular acrylic dispersing agents that is designed for excellent performance for the dish detergent market.
Sokalan® provides excellent dispersing properties and exceptional compatibility with inorganic and organic solids. Sokalan® offers grades for soil anti-redeposition, scale encrustation inhibition, and rinse aids to remove dull spots and streaks.
Detergent polymers such as Sokalan® can also make up for the loss in performance caused by the reduction in phosphate content. They have very pronounced dispersing capacity and are able to counteract the incrustation and the redeposition of soil on dishes while also increasing detergency.

Many dispersing agents cause an increase in chlorine loss in detergent formulations but Sokalan® PA CL grades are chlorine stable and result in less chlorine loss when compared to competitive dispersing agents.

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The largest chemical company in the world, BASF develops, produces and markets a comprehensive portfolio of more than 600 intermediates around the world including amines, diols, polyalcohols, acids and specialties. Among other applications, intermediates are used as starting materials for coatings, plastics, pharmaceuticals, textile fibers, detergents and crop protectants.  In addition, the company offers a broad range of ingredients for hygiene, personal care, home care, industrial & institutional cleaning, and technical applications with such high performance products as surfactants, emulsifiers, polymers, emollients, chelating agents, cosmetic active ingredients, pigments, UV filters and superabsorbent polymers developed for the full spectrum of hygiene applications.  

Founded in 1865, BASF conducts business in more than 170 countries and supplies nearly 8,000 products to customers in more than 200 countries.  BASF is headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany, and employs more than 116,000 people globally.


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