Bostik, Inc.

Woodworking Aerosol Lubricants

Key Applications

Table Saw, Panel saws, Gang rip saws, Jointers, Shapers, Band saws, Edgers, Pneumatic Tools, Saw blades, Router bits, drill bits, Planers, Screws & nails, Roller bearings, Ball bearings, Wheel bearings, Router bit bearings

Product Description

Bostik® Woodworking Aerosol Lubricants significantly reduce sliding and cutting friction on all metal, laminate, and plastic surfaces. In addition to extending saw blade life up to 300%, Glidecote®, Bladecote®, and Bearing Lubricant can also be used to extend bearing life; reduce friction on saw tables; obtain faster, straighter rip cuts; prevent resin buildup on blades and bits; loosen frozen bearings; and lubricate locks, hinges, latches, casters, and drawer slides.



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Bearing LubricantRegular maintenance with Bostik® Bearing Lubricant significantly reduces bearing load friction and burn-out. Bearing Lubricant dries quickly and will not gum-up, even after several applications.SDSTDS
Bladecote®Regular use of Bostik® Bladecote® on saw blades, router and drill bits, and knives significantly reduces cutting friction and the buildup of resin or pitch. Bladecote dries in seconds and will not gum-up, even after several applications.
*Formerly known as DriCote.
Glidecote®Regular maintenance of saw tables and receiving tables with Bostik® Glidecote® significantly reduces sliding friction on all metal, laminate, and plastic surfaces.
*Formerly known as TopCote.