Woodworking Aerosol Lubricants
Bostik, Inc.

Woodworking Aerosol Lubricants

Key Applications

Table Saw, Panel saws, Gang rip saws, Jointers, Shapers, Band saws, Edgers, Pneumatic Tools, Saw blades, Router bits, drill bits, Planers, Screws & nails, Roller bearings, Ball bearings, Wheel bearings, Router bit bearings

Product Description

Bostik® Woodworking Aerosol Lubricants significantly reduce sliding and cutting friction on all metal, laminate, and plastic surfaces. In addition to extending saw blade life up to 300%, Glidecote®, Bladecote®, and Bearing Lubricant can also be used to extend bearing life; reduce friction on saw tables; obtain faster, straighter rip cuts; prevent resin buildup on blades and bits; loosen frozen bearings; and lubricate locks, hinges, latches, casters, and drawer slides.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
BladeCote® Regular use of Bostik® BladeCote® on saw blades, router and drill bits, and knives significantly reduces cutting friction and the buildup of resin or pitch. SDS TDS
Bostik® Bearing Lubricant Regular maintenance with Bostik® Bearing Lubricant significantly reduces bearing load friction and burn-out. SDS TDS
GlideCote® Regular maintenance of saw tables and receiving tables with Bostik® Glidecote® significantly reduces sliding friction on all metal, laminate, and plastic surfaces. SDS TDS