Chevron Phillips Chemical Company


Key Applications

Coke Moderating Chemical in ethylene pyrolysis furnaces; metal working fluids; industrial engine oils; greases; automotive lubricants​

Product Description

Chevron Phillips sulfides offer concentrated sulfur species to the presulfiding operation in a form that is free flowing and with low toxicity, odor and volatility. Maintains a low viscosity at cold temperatures.​


namekey propertiesdocumentation
Dimethyl DisulfideSulfur Content, wt% 68 Boiling Point, °F(°C) 228(109) Flash Point, °F(°C) 44(7) Thermal Decomposition °F(°C) 392(200) Light Yellow liquid SDSTDS
Dimethyl SulfideSulfur Content, wt% 52 Boiling Point, °F(°C) 99(37) Flash Point, °F(°C) -32(-36) Thermal Decomposition °F(°C) 482(250) colorless liquidSDSTDS
TBPS 454Di-tert-butyl tetrasulfide Sulfur Content, wt% 54 Boiling Point, °F(°C) 144(292) Flash Point, °F(°C) 117(242) Thermal Decomposition °F(°C) 144(292) Yellow liquid, Mild OdorSDSTDS