Key Applications

Coke Moderating Chemical in ethylene pyrolysis furnaces; metal working fluids; industrial engine oils; greases; automotive lubricants

Product Description

Chevron Phillips sulfides offer concentrated sulfur species to the presulfiding operation in a form that is free flowing and with low toxicity, odor and volatility. Maintains a low viscosity at cold temperatures.

3 Products
TNPS 537 container
TNPS 537 is a sulfiding agent similar to the DMS and DMDS. It is commonly used in the activation of hydrotreating catalysts
Dimethyl Sulfide container
Dimethyl Sulfide also known as DMS is a presulfiding agent for steam cracking which turns hydrocarbons into ethylene and propylene used for olefin-based products
TBPS 454 container
TBPS 454 is a sulfiding agent siilar to DMDS and DMS but is not classified as a flammable material
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