DOWTHERM™ Synthetic Thermal Fluids

Key Applications

Asphalt storage; Biodiesel; Chemicals; Chiral chemistry processes; Environmental test chambers; Fibers and Nylon; Fine Chemicals; Food and Beverage; Laundries; Natural Gas Processing; Oil and Gas Processing; Petroleum Product Storage; Pharmaceuticals; Plastics; Refining; Oil & Gas; Heat Recovery; Plastics; Chemical Processing

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Product Description

DOWTHERM™ heat transfer fluids offer exceptional thermal stability to meet operating requirements for highly technical and demanding applications such as oil and gas processing, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical reactions. 


namekey propertiesdocumentation
AA liquid diphenyl oxide/biphenyl blend with operating temperatures of 60F to 750F (15°C to 400°C) employing either liquid phase or vapor phase heatingSDSTDS
GA liquid mixture of di- and tri-aryl ethers with operating temperature ranges of -20F to 680F (29°C to 371°C). It is one of the most thermally stable low pressure liquid phase heat transfer fluid on the market and has excellent flow characteristics at low temperatures.SDSTDS
JAn alkylated aromatic liquid with operating temperature ranges of -110F to 600F (-80°C to 315°C). Offers remarkable low-temperature pumpability and thermal stability for protection against accidental overheating.SDSTDS
A heat transfer fluid containing a mixture of alkylated aromatics and designed for use as an alternative to hot oils in liquid phase heat transfer systems. Its normal application range is -10°F to 625°F (-23°C to 330°C). Unlike other moderately priced synthetic organic heat transfer fluids, DOWTHERMMX fluid can be used in non-pressurized systems up to temperatures of 620°F (327°C).

A heat transfer fluid containing a mixture of diphenylethane and alkylated aromatics. Compared to hot oils, it exhibits better thermal stability -35°C to 330°C (-30°F to 625°F), particularly at the upper end of hot oils' use range, and significantly better low-temperature pumpability. Suitable applications include use as an alternative to hot oils in liquid phase heat transfer applications.

RP A diaryl alkyl heat transfer fluid that is intended for use in applications that require liquid phase heat transfer. Unlike other low pressure fluids — including partially hydrogenated terphenyls and dibenzyl toluene fluids, DOWTHERM™ RP fluid degrades primarily to low molecular weight products. DOWTHERM™ RP has a Maximum bulk temperature of 350°C (660°F) and a maximum film temperature of 375°C (710°F).SDSTDS

A heat transfer fluid that is a mixture of C14-C30 alkyl benzenes intended for use in applications that require liquid phase heat transfer. Suitable applications: Non-pressurized liquid phase systems with a maximum temperature of 550°F (288°C) and a Bulk temperature of 600°F (315°C)