DOWTHERM™ Synthetic Thermal Fluids

Key Applications

Asphalt storage; Biodiesel; Chemicals; Chiral chemistry processes; Environmental test chambers; Fibers and Nylon; Fine Chemicals; Food and Beverage; Laundries; Natural Gas Processing; Oil and Gas Processing; Petroleum Product Storage; Pharmaceuticals; Pla

Product Description

DOWTHERM™ heat transfer fluids offer exceptional thermal stability to meet operating requirements for highly technical and demanding applications such as oil and gas processing, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical reactions.

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DOWTHERM™ J container
An Alkylated Aromatic Heat Transfer Fluid with Broad Operating Temperature Range of -110°F to 600°F (-80°C to 315°C).
DOWTHERM™ Q container
Thermal Fluid Containing a Mix of Diphenylethane and Alkylated Aromatics as an Alternative to Hot Oils for Systems (up to 625°F)
DOWTHERM™ G container
Synthetic Organic Thermal Fluid for Liquid Phase Heat Transfer Processes for Applications between (20°F and 675°F).
DOWTHERM™ RP container
Diaryl Alkyl Thermal Fluid for Liquid Phase Systems between 0°C and 375°C (32°F to 710°F).
DOWTHERM™ T container
Alkyl Benzene Heat Transfer Fluid for Liquid Phase Thermal Transfer Applications (-10°C to 315°C).
DOWTHERM™ MX container
An Alkylated Aromatic Heat Transfer Fluid Designed for Use as an Alternative for Hot Oils in Liquid Phase Systems Up To 620°F (327°C).
DOWTHERM™ A container
Synthetic Organic Heat Transfer Fluid for Liquid & Vapor Phase Processes for Applications between (60°F and 750°F).
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DOWTHERM™ Synthetic Thermal Fluids Articles
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DOWTHERM™ are best in class heat transfer fluids from Dow. They are designed with dynamic properties to meet the modern industrial application needs. Explore our portfolio of specialized grades for superior performance and extended durability.
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