Elvacite Butyl Methacrylate Resins

Key Applications

coatings; inks; adhesives; vinyl lacquers, silk screen inks; temporary binders; ceramic coatings; aluminum coatings​

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Product Description

These specialty iso-butyl/n-butyl polymers have high molecular and high inherent viscosity and are available as minute spherical beads and soluble in a range of solvents, including weak solvents. They can be used in clear and pigmented coatings systems and are often selected because of their greater flexibility and toughness.


namekey propertiesdocumentation
2044A high molecular weight n-butyl methacrylate polymer useful in adhesives, silk screens and as a plasticizer for harder resinsSDSTDS
2045A high molecular weight iso-butyl methacrylate polymer useful in topcoats, lacquers, silk screen inks and temporary bindersSDSTDS
2046A high molecular weight iso-butyl/n-butyl methacrylate useful in aluminum and ceramic finishes and aerosol snowsSDSTDS