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Welcome to the Nutrition Team's recipe page!  While each recipe is bound to ingredients on the list, your creativity is endless. Please use these recipes to give your formulation design a jump start.  Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that help food and beverage scientists accelerate their formulation process.   

Strawberry Yogurt

Featuring Tate & Lyle SPLENDA® Sucralose

Creating a balanced yogurt with proper texture and flavor notes can be difficult when adjusting for a reduction in sugar. Start with this recipe from Tate & Lyle that makes the process straight forward and simple.

Honey Mustard Sauce

Featuring Celanese Qorus™

With a delightful blend of Dijon, spices, and Qorus™, this reduced-sugar recipe is a perfect starting point for food formulators looking to make a low sugar honey mustard sauce.

Honey Caramel Brownies

Featuring ADM Honi-Bake® Dry Honey

No matter the decadence of the topping, brownie lovers know that a good brownie needs to start with the best foundation. ADM Honi-Bake® Dry Honey with brown sugar imparts high notes of sweetness and flavor that will make the taste buds sing.