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Welcome to the Nutrition Team's recipe page! While each recipe is bound to ingredients on the list, your creativity is endless. Please use these recipes to give your formulation design a jump start. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that help food and beverage scientists accelerate their formulation process.

Amaretto Liqueur

Pre-mixed drinks are a fast-growing sector in beverage, especially alcoholic RTDs. For calorie and sugar-conscious customers, few sweetener systems surpass Qorus for ease of formulation and taste. Both Qorus and this recipe are versatile; Amaretto flavor can easily be substituted with the specific flavor of your interest.

BBQ Sauce

Label conscious consumers are looking at caloric contributions to their diet with increasing scrutiny. Simple adjustments to the sweetener system in your sauces can have a great effect. In this example recipe, Sunett Ace K significantly reduces calories, adds to taste through improving flavor notes.

Blueberry Pomegranate

Pomegranate juice is already identified as a healthy fruit juice with many benefits; now bundle those benefits into just 50 calories per serving with this Blueberry Pomegranate juice recipe. Making a low-sugar version of your existing fruit juices with half the sugar and calories is easy when you use Qorus™ Dolce.

Carrot Raisin Oatmeal Muffin

A savory, sweet, and fluffy muffin with a dash of honey to light up taste buds and a surprisingly complex, delicious flavor. ADM Dry honey is the optimal easy-to-measure, no mess choice for honey flavor.

Chili Con Carne

A tremendously meaty, savory, and filling chili, made all the more rich and robust with a pinch of molasses. ADM Dry Molasses provides full-body taste that does not overpower the spectrum of other flavors in this dish. What's more, the dried state means easier measuring and less mess!

Honey Bran Bread

Honi-Bake® is a convenient and consistent ADM standby with a plethora of different possible applications. Used in this hearty and wholesome Honey Bran Bread, ADM Honi-Bake not only matches the flavor and color of regular honey, but is easier to measure with less mess.

Honey Caramel Brownies

No matter the decadence of the topping, brownie lovers know that a good brownie needs to start with the best foundation. ADM Honi-Bake® Dry Honey with brown sugar imparts high notes of sweetness and flavor that will make the taste buds sing.

Honey Granola Muffin

This bread has a delectable, moist, and soft crumb, with just a hint of sweetness imparted by the dry honey and dry molasses. Reliably consistent in taste profile and potency, these two versatile dry sweeteners also contribute to the rich brown color.

Honey Mustard Sauce

With a delightful blend of Dijon, spices, and Qorus™, this reduced-sugar recipe is a perfect starting point for food formulators looking to make a low sugar honey mustard sauce.

Honey Peach Ice Cream

An incredible buttermilk ice cream, it's the perfect accompaniment to a slice of pecan cobbler. Two key ingredients for this bright and fresh dessert: very ripe peaches and high quality honey. ADM Honey Flakes are made from pure honey with all of the flavor and color of liquid honey.

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