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Jun 23, 2004

BASF Names as Distributor for its Superabsorbent Polymers, Providing Services

BELLEVUE, Washington, June 23, 2004 -- BASF has named their distributor for superabsorbent polymers, effective June 1, 2004, providing marketing, sales and customer service for less than truckload customers involved in industrial applications throughout North America.
“Their unique marketing approach, and proven ability to deliver results, make ChemPoint a good choice for distribution of these products,” says Thomas Wood, BASF’s Manager of Distribution Sales in North America.
"Superabsorbent polymers are used by a diverse set of customers for a wide range of applications," said Seth Erdner, Market Development Manager for BASF's superabsorbents business in North America. "Consequently, they require strong support from a technically capable sales force possessing a tight marketing focus. ChemPoint fills that need for our less-than-truckload customers."
BASF superabsorbent polymers are non-toxic granules capable of absorbing and retaining many times their weight in water. They are suitable for use in a wide range of applications including packing materials, fire fighting products, cable coverings, cosmetics, environmental containment and many others.
"We are proud that BASF, a chemical industry leader, has again selected ChemPoint to execute their strategy for another differentiated product line," stated Chad Steigers, ChemPoint's Managing Director. "Their confidence in us is a testament to our team's ability to help BASF achieve its objectives. It is also another good demonstration of the effectiveness of our innovative business model."

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