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Sep 21, 2004

Penreco Names as the Exclusive West Coast Channel for Versagel C

HOUSTON, Texas, September 21, 2004 -- As part of an ongoing effort to further enhance customer service and technical support, Penreco has selected as its exclusive West Coast channel for the Versagel(r) C gel series. In this September 1st agreement, ChemPoint will provide all aspects of marketing and customer care for customers in the states west of Utah, including Montana.

Penreco's Versagel C series is a pre-mixed, easy-to-use gelling hydrocarbon that provides a unique appearance for clear gel candles and aromatherapy applications. It is based on mineral oil and a patented block copolymer technology. Versagel C is available in different polymer levels and should be specified to coordinate with desired fragrance load, candle shape and decorative details. Benefits include exceptional clarity of finished product, excellent fragrance release, longevity and ability to suspend decorative items.
"ChemPoint's distinct marketing approach is an innovative way to provide high levels of customer service and technical support," states Doug Reynolds, Penreco's regional sales manger. "ChemPoint's technically trained sales team knows the candle industry and understands the iterative testing process that is often required when creating a new candle."
ChemPoint's high-touch, technical sales approach has proven successful in the candle industry, a marketplace with a large, fragmented base of entrepreneurial customers, many of whom have turned a hobby into a full time business. ChemPoint first entered the industry with ADM's Soy Wax and Modifiers. By exploring the needs and challenges of the candle makers, ChemPoint and ADM were able to better hone and market the differentiated attributes of the product line, as well as assist customers in the testing process. ChemPoint helps customers adjust heating and pour temperatures to achieve better scent throw and container adhesion, as well as avoid and troubleshoot pitfalls, such as tunneling and blooming.
"We look forward to working with Penreco to accelerate the growth of this specialty product," says Steve Block, ChemPoint's director of marketing and sales. "We are pleased to be a marketing solution that optimizes customer service levels and cost to serve. We are also excited to extend our reach in the rapidly growing candle industry."
Penreco developed and patented a system for gelling hydrocarbons several years ago. The resulting products are ideal for dispersion and/or suspension of liquids, for controlled release product and for occlusive products. The company can make gels of varied consistency--from a thickened liquid to a solid.

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