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Mar 27, 2020

ChemPoint COVID-19 Update

ChemPoint is classified as a critical or essential business, like most of our customers. This allows us to stay open even with shelter-in-place orders. Accordingly, our entire team continues to be at your disposal. We are fortunate that our digital model prepared all of our teams and systems to work remotely.
We will continue to communicate what we’re seeing broadly across our supply chain to make sure you can make the most informed decisions for your business. Here’s our current update:

North American Transportation Network: LTL and Parcel modes have experienced little impact. The full truck load market is having capacity issues in some areas with increasing rates. For some inbound transfers of product we have split shipments and moved full truck load shipments to LTL. The bulk market appears stable at this time. ChemPoint’s overall freight situation is good should customers need to utilize our network.

North American Warehouses: Our partners have been declared an essential business and are not currently impacted by any of the shelter-in-place orders. We are monitoring the situation closely should their workforce become ill. If they cannot support our fulfillment requirements by adding temporary labor, we are currently developing a business continuity plan that would move product to facilities that are able to provide service.

Supply Chain and Operations Team: Our team is working diligently with the Commercial team to better align demand planning with changing market conditions.

International Shipping: There is likely to be a general rate increase (GRI), as capacity becomes a bigger issue. DSV is our major transportation provider in EMEA and has introduced a COVID-19 surcharge.    

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call us or engage with us online. We’re here, ready to help.
Rick Hoener
Managing Director

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