Chemours Glycolic Acid Technical Grade 70E

Created to enhance cleaners, Glycolic Acid 70E has slightly lower impurity levels than standard 70% technical grade aqueous solution of Glycolic Acid, offering lower corrosivity, great removal properties and excellent rinsability.
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Product Overview
Glycolic Acid 70E is a clear, light amber liquid with a mild odor resembling burnt sugar that is visibly free of suspended matter.

Because trace organic and inorganic impurities found in the technical grade are minimized in this more pure glycolic acid, it’s the perfect choice for applications requiring strong, effective cleaning agents.

Molecular Weight 76.05
pH, at 25 °C 0.1
Melting Point, °C 10
Density at 20 °C, g/mL 1.26

CAS Number: 79-14-1
Product Specifications
Form : liquid
Colour : light yellow
Odour : mild, of burnt sugar
pH : 0.1 at ( 25 °C)
Melting point : 10 °C
Boiling point : 112 °C at 1,013 hPa
Flash point : does not flash
Vapour pressure : 0.0041 hPa at 25 °C, (for a component of this mixture)
Relative density : 1.17 at 22 °C
Water solubility : > 300 g/l at 22 °C
Partition coefficient: noctanol/water
: log Pow: -1.07 at 20 °C

Primary Chemistry: Hydroxyacetic acid
Features & Benefits
Low corrosivity
Excellent scale removal properties
Complete solubility in water
Excellent rinsability
Problems Solved
Low purity of imported glycolic acid
Household cleaners
Institutional and industrial cleaners
Concrete truck and equipment cleaners
Electronics copper etching and cleaners
Oil and gas well finishing and rejuvenation
Flow assurance applications