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PARALOID™ Helps Electric Vehicles to Go the Distance

The Dow Chemical Company’s extensive range of PARALOID additives deliver high-performance durability and impact resistance. Electric vehicles must be able to absorb potential impact from accidents and thermal changes in the environment.

DOWFROST™ LC – Data Centers Cooling Solutions

Heat management in data centers is critical to ensure maximum lifespan and safe operation of the complex server banks. DOWFROST™ LC is the premier solution for more cost-effective datacom liquid cooling systems – Learn more today ►

Lattice® - Agrochemical Stabilizers
Lattice™ NTC is colloidal microcrystalline cellulose that improves the stability of active ingredients in agrochemical suspensions.
Vazo™ - Polymer Flocculant Production
Vazo™ Free Radical Initiators are the ideal initiators for the production of organic flocculants, coagulants, and clarifying aids.
Scogin® Alginates- Bio-Based Adhesive Polymers
Scogin® Alginates are bio-based, renewably sourced polymers that produce water-based gels that are useful in a variety of adhesive applications.
Tyzor® - Enhancing the Properties of Glass
Tyzor® can be used in coatings and treatments to modify the surface of glass and impart unique functional and aesthetic properties.
TEXTURECEL™ - Espesantes Para Envases de Gel
Los éteres de celulosa TEXTURECEL ™ son polímeros de carboximetilcelulosa solubles en agua que se utilizan para fabricar paquetes de gel fríos y calientes resistentes a fugas.
Resinas adhesivas solubles en agua POLYOX ™
Las soluciones acuosas POLYOX ™ tienen una alta humectabilidad, lo que las hace ideales para usar como adhesivos para toallas de papel y toallas de mano.
METHOCEL ™: El Aglutinante Cerámico Ideal
METHOCEL ™ es el único aglutinante cerámico que gelifica a temperaturas elevadas para mejorar la cohesión, aumentar la resistencia en verde y prevenir la migración del aglutinante.
Espesantes ideales para productos para el cuidado del hogar
Los polímeros de hidroxietilcelulosa CELLOSIZE ™ son el espesante, estabilizador y aglutinante ecológico ideal para productos de cuidado del hogar
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