Oxidized Petrolatums

Oxidized Petrolatums

Key Applications

Anti-corrosion Protection; Protective Coatings; Soft Coatings

Product Description

Oxidized Petrolatums are mixures of long chained, branched, and cyclic hydrocarbons. The oxid-acids and organic acids present in Sonneborn Oxidized Petrolatum can be neutralized with bivalent metal oxides, giving the the products of wax nature and high molecular weight an premium water-resistant property and corrosion protection. ​ Oxidized Petroleum is used as a rust preventative in the formulation of various protective compounds. The end product may be sprayed or brushed on metal surfaces to be protected. Due to its non-staining characteristics, this product is optimal for formulations that need a high level of rust protection, consequently it provides an exceptional rust prevention for compounds such as industrial lubricating oils, greases, hydraulic fluis and slushing oils.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
LA-1531/20 Oxidized Petrolatums Oxidized Petrolatum LA-1531/20 is recommended to be used as a rust preventative and anti- corrosion. SDS* TDS*
WH-1 Oxidized Petrolatums Oxidized Petrolatum WH-1 is used for rust prevention and anti- corrosion. SDS* TDS*

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