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    TrusTec™ Custom Reference Fluids

    Having trouble finding an existing reference fluid or interested in developing a new one that meets your testing protocols? Trust Chevron Phillips Chemical with engineering a custom reference fluid that meets your unique test specifications. Chevron Phillips can work with you and develop new reference fluids for your laboratory equipment and technology.

    A technical representative will follow-up within an hour during business hours to provide further information.

Why Trust Chevron Phillips Chemical?

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    Over 50 Years of Experience

    Chevron Phillips has been a reliable manufacturer of reference fluids for analytical testing protocols for over 50 years. They have an experienced research and development team who can offer technical expertise to support your needs. All operations are ISO 9001:2015 certified so that you can be completely confident in their quality processes. Chevron Phillips is also a member of ASTM with expertise in certifying materials for published lab test methods.
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    Commitment to Health, Safety & Sustainability

    Chevron Phillips is committed to health, safety and sustainability. As a member of the American Chemistry Council, their culture focuses on improved health, safety and environmental performance in the industry through the Responsible Care program. Chevron Phillips is also a member of the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program and is recognized in the industry as implementing effective safety and health management systems.
    ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles

    Reliable Warehousing & Distribution

    Chevron Phillips has partnered with ChemPoint to provide localized warehousing and distribution to effectively reduce lead times, simplify your order process, and provide fast customer support. All manufacturing, blending, and warehousing is located in the United States. You won't only receive high quality products from Chevron Phillips, but top-in-class global supply chain through ChemPoint distribution.