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Jan 5, 2021

BONDERITE® Product Site Announcement

New Industry Website - Henkel BONDERITE®

ChemPoint & Henkel are extending their partnership to further the marketing, sales & distribution of the BONDERITE® Performance Cleaners & Lubricants, which started back in 2016.  This partnership is now taking a large step forward today with the launch of the Metalworking Fluids Product website (LINK).  This website will serve as a go-to resource for companies within the metal fabrication & manufacturing sectors. 


This exciting new website will serve as a dynamic tool that can be used to:
- Collect Regulatory Documentation (TDS, SDS, Etc.)
- Learn How Henkel BONDERITE® Solutions Improve Operations in The Application Articles
- Chat with our Technical Specialists & Troubleshoot Lubrication or Manufacturing Problems  
- Browse the Portfolio for a Chemical Offset or Upgraded Coolant Technology
- And Much More!

View the site here –

We have segmented the full Henkel BONDERITE® product portfolio to allow for easy search & filtering by product Application, Composition, End Market, Product’s Function, Performance Benefit, Fluid Type & Substrate.  This functionality makes it easy to quickly search and find solutions for a broad variety of metalworking and manufacturing operations.  Once a product solution is found, it is incredibly easy to request a sample or a quote for delivery with our chat feature.

“In today’s market, it is absolutely critical to develop an innovative, digital presence in the market.  In the post-COVID economy, companies are increasingly reliant on digital means, tools & software for their day-to-day business operations.  This exciting new website venture with Henkel, provides a technical & product focused resource for our customers within the manufacturing industries.  We plan to expand the functionality of this site overtime to reflect our continued goal of best-in-class customer experience & service.” 

Rick Hoener
Global Managing Director, ChemPoint

“Henkel is proud to partner with ChemPoint to extend its product reach via this new digital presence. This new website places the customer’s needs front and center, allowing easy product search and access to support. We will, together, continue to develop this partnership to further enhance customer experiences.”

Dr. Stephan Winkels
Head of Surface Treatment, Cleaners and Lubricants, Automotive Components

Hi, let us know if you have any questions as you visit our website.

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