Dowcal N Heat Transfer Fluid for Breweries

Dowcal N Heat Transfer Fluid for Breweries

To brew a good beer, several production steps need to be fulfilled with the correct ingredients in order to reach the optimal color, flavor and body. Besides high-quality ingredients such as water, hops, malted barley and yeast; the selection of the heat transfer fluid plays a major role in the quality from the beer. For that reason, so many major brands such as Deschutes Brewery and Bell’s Brewery chose to use Dow heat transfer fluids to create its beers.
Temperature management for beer production is primordial to develop a consistent high-quality beer. Differences between each batch, specially during the primary and secondary fermentation stages will affect in the final product’s colour, aroma and taste. Some degrees higher and the yeast will produce larger amounts of ester-based components, therefore, impacting the flavor.
Implementing Dowcal N heat transfer fluid into brewery production, allows very precise control of temperature in wort coolers, primary fermenters, secondary fermenters and other equipment. At the same time, it offers corrosion protection that improves efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, not to mention it is particularly effective on aluminum. Moreover, it does not effective most plastics and metals, minimizing potential for gasket decomposition in process equipment.

Dowcal N is also food safe corrosion inhibitor, which not only helps prevent corrosion of metals commonly used for construction of brewery process equipment, but also helps to guarantee a long-term thermal stability of the fluid. Such attribute, which is approved by the FDA as direct food substance, therefore, the event of an accidental leak, Dowcal N heat transfer fluid ingredients provides safety assurance.

Efficient heat transfer: -45°C to 120°C
Composition: Propylene Glycol-96% Performance Additives- 4%

Besides the positive effects on the final product and the equipment, Dowcal N glycol provides financial savings to the brewery. Since refrigeration costs can represent up to more than 30% of a brewery electrical consumption, Dow’s heat transfer fluid keeps heat transfer surface free of deposits maintaining original design efficiencies. The same effect is not seeing by using inferior fluids, that might contribute to loss of system efficiency, higher energy costs and extra maintenance costs.
Whether you are a small brewery, a big brewery, have plate & frame, shell & Coil or Shell & Tube, Dowcal N is the best solution for your heat exchanger and the production of your beer.


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