What is POLYOX™?

POLYOX™ water soluble resins are high molecular weight poly ethylene oxide polymers.  They are non-ionic and range in molecular weight from 100,000 to over 8,000,000.  POLYOX™ water soluble polymers exhibit excellent water retention, binding, lubricity and film formation.  These properties as well as being listed on the EPA inert list make POLYOX™ an ideal choice for agricultural applications.

POLYOX™ Features & Benefits

  • Wide range of molecular weights available (100,000-8,000,000).  Viscosity can be precisely controlled.
  • Water soluble
  • High degree of wet tack allows for solutions that stay in place once applied
  • Drag reduction and drift control
  • Thermoplastic film former

POLYOX™ for  Agriculture Applications


Agricultural Sprays

Higher molecular weight grades of POLYOX™ used in low concentrations can reduce the frictional drag of water by as much as 80% allowing agricultural sprays to be sprayed further thus covering more area in a shorter amount of time.  In addition, solutions containing POLYOX™ display excellent droplet size control and wet tack. For this reason agricultural sprays containing POLYOX have outstanding resistance to drift.  

Seed Tape & Seed Coatings

The thermoplastic, wet tack, and film forming nature of POLYOX™ Water Soluble Polymers make them an ideal binder for seed coatings and adhering seed to seed tape.  POLYOX™ is water soluble so seeds can release once planted so that germination and growth are not interfered with.  

Water Soluble Packaging

POLYOX™ can be used to make water soluble films that can be used for packaging.  These water soluble packages are great for easy handling of pre-measured doses of pesticides, fertilizers, and other solid agricultural formulations.  By pre-measuring doses you take out any guesswork and remove risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.



Grade Recommendations:




Use Level wt%


Agricultural Sprays WSR-301 0.05-0.2 Reduced carry over.  Permits more efficient sprays directly on foliage
Seed Coating / Seed Tape WSR N-10
WSR N-80
WSR N-750
100 Film Former.  Doesn't Interfere with germination and growth.
Water Soluble Packaging WSR N-10
2.0 Packaging dissolves readily.  Eliminate handling risks. 

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