What is POLYOX™?

POLYOX™ is a range of water-soluble and high molecular weight polymers that are based on polyethylene oxides. It provides a versatile range of functionalities and benefits to a variety of industrial applications. High molecular weight POLYOX™ grades are excellent flocculants and dewatering aids that can be utilized to produce high clarity effluent in wastewater treatment, paper and pulp, and mining applications. Unlike other polymers, POLYOX™ water-soluble polymers and resins can be used in both water-based and solvent-based systems.

Polyox™ Functionality and Benefits:

POLYOX™, polyethylene oxide polymers, are highly efficient flocculants and water separation aids that can be utilized in water clarifiers and solids recovery systems. They provide excellent flocculation performance to a variety of materials, including clay, lignin, paper fines, silica, oxidized coal fines, and heavy metals. POLYOX™ polymers also offer exceptional dewatering and turbidity reduction efficiency due to their high affinity to a variety of colloidal and non-colloidal water impurities. 


POLYOX™ Features and Benefits:

  • Compatibility with a wide PH range 2 -13
  • Exceptional flocculation performance
  • Increased dewatering efficiency
  • Adheres onto colloidal materials
  • Excellent fine separation from aqueous systems
  • Superior separation of heavy metal from water and oil systems
  • Nonionic with improved tolerance to low salt levels
  • High retention to fines
  • High-temperature stability
  • Available in a wide range of molecular weights 

POLYOX™ Uses and Applications:

  • Paper and Pulp:
Polyox flocculants – Paper production – Retention and drainage aidsPOLYOX™ products are excellent retention, and flocculation aids with exceptional filler retention efficacy in systems with high concentrations of silica, kaolin, and anionic particle. They can be used to enhance the performance of polyacrylamides (PAMs) and polyethylene imines (PEIs) at a level of uses as low as 0.5 lb. /ton. POLYOX™ polymers are also highly-efficient drainage aids that can be used in belt presses and fiber recovery systems to improve the drainage rate and reduce filters clogging. 

  • Mining:
Polyox flocculants – Gold Mine Processing – Flocculation
POLYOX™ polymers provide many need functionalities in various mining processes. They act as flocculation aids for heavy metal ores, clay, silica, and oxidized coal fines in solid separation units and tail recovery systems. They also provide an increased dewatering efficiency for improved process water recovery and recycling. POLYOX™ is also used to treat the wastewater stream to produce high clarity and low turbidity effluent. POLYOX™ can be used in combination with other flocculants to improve anionic particles’ separation and the overall flocculation performance.

  • Water Treatment:
Polyox flocculants – Wastewater flocculation – Water soluble polymersPOLYOX™ offers excellent flocculation and dewatering properties, which are highly beneficial in a wide range of wastewater applications. POLYOX™ forms novel complexes with polar compounds and impurities such as phenolic, resins, mineral acids, and urea. It is also used in the separation of silica-based materials such as clay and kaolin from water effluents. POLYOX™ can be used in water clarifiers by itself or in combination with other polymers for enhanced separation of heavy metals and anionic particles.



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