Color Cosmetics ( 7 )

Hair care, skin care, and color cosmetic formulations based on Eastman long wear ingredients. With Eastman long care ingredients your formulations can go beyond where others quit and perform all day regardless of schedule.

BB Cream

Blemish balm cream that provides protection, coverage, and hydration all in one.

Lip Gloss

Transfer resistant lip gloss that will requires less reapplication featuring Eastman Sustane™ SAIB MCT.

Liquid Lipstick

Long lasting liquid lipstick that resists transfer and requires fewer reapplications featuring Eastman Sustane™ SAIB MCT.

Long-wear and Water-resistant Foundation

Water-resistant foundation that will perform all day on any schedule featuring Eastman AQ™38S and Eastman Sustane™ SAIB MCT

Nail Polish Formulation

Fast drying, crystal clear topcoat featuring Eastman CAB 381-0.5 for long lasting nail protection.

Water-resistant Anhydrous Mascara

Water free mascara featuring Eastman Sustane™ SAIB that has excellent resistance to moisture and can be worn confidently throughout the day.

Water-resistant Mascara

Water-resistant mascara that can be worn confidently throughout the day featuring Eastman AQ™ 55S and Eastman Sustane™ SAIB MCT.