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SI Group Polymer Modifiers


SI Group Polymer Modifiers are the industry's leading compatibilizers, which are also known as functionalized polymers, coupling agents or impact modifiers. They are used in applications such as PVC calendaring, PVC profiles, engineering thermoplastics compounding, thermoplastic elastomers, epoxy adhesives and coatings, masterbatches, polyolefin compounding, filler coupling, solvent adhesives, and alloy compatibilization.

Problems Solved

Difficulties dispersion of polar fillers in non-polar polypropylene resins
Poor adhesion of fillers to the polypropylene matrix
High moisture absorption in polyolefin products and resins
Creep and low flexural strength in thermoplastic products and formulations
Low impact resistance and cracking issues in polyolefins and engineered resins
Long lead time and supply issues of polyolefin compatibilizers and coupling agents

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