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    What is ACL®?

    ACL® is a range of chlorinated isocyanurates from OxyChem that are typically used as a concentrated source of chlorine in various applications. ACL® products are excellent for use in bleaches, detergents, cleaners, and sanitizers. The number designated with ACL® grade is the approximate available chlorine in the product.

Why is ACL® a preferred chlorine source for cleaning products and detergents?

  • Excellent water solubility
  • Formulation flexibility and control
  • Powerful oxidizing agent
  • Cost-efficient with its high concentration dry form
  • Effective germicide at appropriate use levels
  • Source for high chlorine concentration

Explore ACL® Chlorinated Isocyanurates from OxyChem

    Product Name        
    ChemPoint - Product Articles
    ChemPoint - Product Articles
    ChemPoint - Product Articles
    Chemical Name
    Trichloro(iso) cyanuric acid
    Sodium dichloro-(iso)cyanurate
    Sodium dichloro-(iso)cyanurate dihydrate
    Registration Numbers
    EPA No.: 935-37 
    CAS No.: 87-90-1
    EPA No.: 935-36     
    CAS No.: 2893-78-9
    EPA No.: 935-38       
    CAS No.: 51580-86-0
    Available Chlorine, %
    Assay, %
    Cyanuric Acid, %
    Inerts %
    Solubility at 25 °C
    (gm/100gm H20 )
    pH, 1% Solution at 25 °C
    Available Forms
    Regular, Granular, and Extra Granular
    Granular and Extra Granular
    Granular and Extra Granular

ACL® Applications in HI&I Cleaners and Detergents

Laundry bleaches:

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Widely used as bleaching agents in industrial and institutional dry bleach formulations, especially in cotton fabric bleaches. They offer high solubility, a rapid rate of solution, and bleaching efficiency as high as hypochlorites. ACL® is also safer to use as it causes less fabric damage than hypochlorites if accidentally spilled directly on fabrics.


Machine dishwashing detergents:

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Excellent for use in machine dishwashing detergents for home, industrial, and institutional cleaning applications. The chlorine contributes to the detergent's overall cleaning power by oxidizing proteinaceous soil, leaving dishes shiny and reducing spots on glassware.



General-purpose cleaners and sanitizers

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Highly effective in removing odor, stains, and proteinaceous soils when used in HIC cleaning formulations. The chlorine releasing agents also offer germicidal activity equivalent to sodium hypochlorite solutions. ACL® is stable over a broader pH range and used at lower addition levels.

The FDA has approved the use of ACL® for the preparation of sanitizing solutions on food-processing equipment, utensils, and other food contact as specified in Article Four under Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations within the conditions prescribed. Any product labeled or intended for use as a disinfectant or sanitizer requires registration with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Comparison of chlorine donor chemicals:

    Elemental Chlorine
    Calcium Hypochlorite
    Sodium Hypochlorite
    (Liquid Bleach)

    Chlorine content


    Easy to use


    Non cloudy


    No scale formation


    Long storage life

    Low total dissolved solids

    Safe to store and handle

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