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    Flexible Pouches

    Flexible pouches are multilayer film structures composed of many different types of material held together by laminating adhesives and heat seal coatings.  Flexible pouches have rapidly grown in popularity in the packaging world due to the publics growing interest in waste reduction as well as being extremely functional for the food and beverage industry.  The requirements of a flexible pouch varies based on what is being packaged inside. 
For instance, many beverages are filled into a pouch while still boiling hot from sterilization.  Another common practice is to steam sterilize packaging prior to filling with food contents.  In both of these cases the flexible pouch, and thus the adhesives and coatings used to manufacture it, must be able to withstand incredibly harsh production environments.  
ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles

Adhesives for Retort & Hot Fill Pouches

ADCOTE™ laminating adhesives and heat seal coatings are available in a wide variety grades that offer the heat and moisture resistance needed for retort and hot fill pouch laminations.  In addition to providing the durable bonds necessary for steam sterilization and hot filling, the ADCOTE™ adhesives and coatings listed below also offer remarkable green bond strength. 
    Product Type
    Coating Weight
    ADCOTE™ 1217D
    Heat Seal Coating
    25 cPs
    2.0 - 6.0 lbs / ream
    ADCOTE™ 102A
    Solvent Based Adhesive
    600 cPs
    1.2 - 2.0 lbs / ream
    ADCOTE™ 506-40
    Solvent Based Adhesive
    450 cPs
    1.5 - 3.0 lbs / ream
    ADCOTE™ 812
    Solvent Based Adhesive
    2,500 cPs
    2.0 - 3.0 lbs / ream

Improve Efficiency of Pouch Manufacturing

Green bond strength refers to the peel strength of the bond immediately after lamination or heat sealing.  The high green bond strength offered by ADCOTE™ in retort and hot fill pouch laminations improve efficiency by allowing for faster next step processing.

By using ADCOTE™ coatings and adhesives in retort and hot fill pouches, converters and packaging manufacturers can be assured that laminations will be successful and that their pouch will be able to withstand the harsh environments associated with food and beverage packaging.  Contact us today to talk with one of our adhesive specialists about your lamination project and how we can help boost efficiency and performance with ADCOTE™.

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