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Next Generation Gas Performance Additive

HiTEC® 65531 Aftermarket Additive

We are pleased to introduce HiTEC® 65531, the next generation of aftermarket gasoline performance additive from Afton Chemical. HiTEC® 65531 is a multifunctional technology formulated for better GDI engine performance in addition to delivering exceptional performance in traditional port fuel injection engines. HiTEC® 65531 also has scalable treat rates for keep-clean, clean-up, and one-tank clean-up performance.

HiTEC 65531® Performance Benefits

HiTEC® 65531 delivers superior keep-clean and clean-up performance to gasoline engines, resulting in improved fuel economy, restored power and acceleration, and lower emissions. The key performance benefits of HiTEC® 65531 gasoline performance additive are highlighted in the image below. The recommended dosage can vary depending on your performance needs. Contact a technical representative for more information.

Enhanced GDI Performance

HiTEC® 65531 demonstrates exceptional performance in gasoline direct injection engines. Afton Chemical measured the performance of a one-tank clean-up of HiTEC® 65531 in a GM GDI LHU engine by running the engine in E0 fuel for 66 hours (dirty-up phase) and then treating the fuel with HiTEC® 65531 (clean-up phase). After being treated with HiTEC® 65531, the GDI engine ran for 8 hours, and the gasoline direct injectors saw an 85% improvement in injector fouling.

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