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Afton Fuel Additives

Dirty Engines And Fuel Injectors Affecting Fuel Mileage?

That isn’t a surprise when injectors are constantly spraying fuel into the combustion chamber. Over time, residue will build up from the fuel and interrupt the spray pattern of the injector. This injector deposit causes the fuel to drip or dribble instead of spraying, resulting in an incomplete fuel burn.

Afton’s performance fuel additives help ensure vehicles and equipment operate as designed by keeping vital components within the fuel system clean and removing harmful deposit build-up. Fuel additives protect the fuel system and injectors and provide improvements in fuel economy, power and acceleration while helping to reduce harmful emissions and protect our environment.

As is evident from the images below, Afton's fuel additives help restore fuel injectors to near-new condition and extend running life time.

Afton Fuel Additives for Gasoline

Afton Chemical offers scalable fuel additives that deliver a range of vehicle performance benefits and meet or exceed governmental and environmental regulations for gasoline engines. Afton's core gas detergent package, HiTEC 6431, is based on Afton's patented Mannich detergent and delivers clean injectors and engine components within the fuel system. See Afton's core fuel additives below for gasoline engines. 

Afton Fuel Additives for Diesel

Diesel additive manufacturers are increasingly tasked with protecting vehicle and fuel system performance due to current issues such as widespread use of Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and High-Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) injector systems. Fuel additives are relied upon to keep diesel fuel systems clean and engines performing as designed during the lifespan of the vehicle. Afton's fuel additives improve fuel economy, power and acceleration all while reducing emissions. See the Afton core diesel fuel additives below.


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