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DOWFROST™ For Dairy Cooling

Food Safe - Dairy Approved DOWFROST™

Heat management is priority #1 in a dairy facility.  Without proper thermal control bacteria and microorganisms can quickly spoil entire batches of milk and other dairy products.  When it comes to safe & effective thermal fluids for dairies there is only one choice – DOWFROST™.

Thermal Transfer Processes in Dairy Facilities

There simply wouldn’t be milk or cheese without proper thermal control in dairy facilities. Luckily for all dairy aficionados, the pasteurization process has been well established and improved on since the middle of the 19th century. This heat treatment process provides an effective method of removing pathogens and other microorganisms within raw milk. The presence of these pathogenic microorganisms pose an obvious health concern but can also quickly spoil large volumes of milk creating an expensive clean-up and waste removal process.


There are now several different methods of pasteurization of sterilization that rely on high temperature exposure for sufficient time to kill pathogenic bacteria & other microorganisms.  A simplified table below details the pasteurization methods, the temperatures required and the exposure time.

High Temperature Pasteurization

Low Temperature Cooling

Equally as important as heat in pasteurization is a rapid & effective cooling process to ~41°F or lower.  This fast chilling production step helps prevent the growth of microorganisms and extends the shelf life for storage prior to packaging. 

To provide consistent low-temperature performance, a water-glycol mixture is used in conjunction with a heat exchanger network.  The best glycol water mix is DOWFROST™ based, providing NSF HT1 food-safe cooling performance along with professional corrosion protection.   

DOWFROST™ is also used to cool large scale dairy facilities and livestock farms.  The same glycol-water mixture provides peace of mind for any incidental food contact from unseen leaks.  You can also rest easy knowing that your equipment and pipes are protected from corrosion and biofouling build-up.

DOWFROST™ is capable of maintaining precise thermal control between -50°F and 250°F.  Covering both high and low temperature requirements for a wide variety of dairy processing equipment.  Simplify procurement by utilizing the same thermal fluid for all your heat control needs! 

Why use DOWFROST™ in Dairy Facilities?

NSF HT1 Food Safe

  • GRAS Certified
  • Approved by the Dairy Industry 
  • HT1 Approved by NSF International

USP Propylene Glycol

  • USP Grade & Consistency 
  • Poorly Inhibited Glycols Break Down Faster 
  • Extended Operational Fluid Life 

Reduced Biofouling

  • Longer Usable Fluid Life 
  • Decreased Equipment Corrosion 
  • Maintain Efficient Flow Rates & Heat Control

Rapid Delivery

  • 9 Warehouse Locations Throughout the U.S. 
  • Decreased Working Capital 
  • Just-in-Time Inventory
  • 95% On-Time Delivery 

Reduced Cost

  • Reduced Maintenance & Fluid Costs 
  • Extended Operational Life 
  • Decreased Repair Budget

Free Sample Test Kits

  • Ensures Proper Inhibitor Concentration 
  • Lesser Concentration Leads to Faster Deterioration


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